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Passionate, talented, dedicated, and human.
Be-Communications was founded by longtime partners, Kevin and Tamara LeClair. We welcome you to the adventure.
When creativity greets technology in reality; meet partners in crime and matrimony:

Tamara and Kevin LeClair
United in their shared pursuit of knowledge since 1989; after studying English, literature, business, history, psychology, media, the market, themselves, each other, and happily enjoying the privilege of
parenting their four children for over 25 years; in 2Q Tamara and Kevin express the sum of their passions, cumulative skillsets, and lifelong dreams into a tool to explore and understand the human
Tamara LeClair
TAMARA’s innate talents as a storyteller are augmented with a mastery of the multi-media format. She is equipped with business acumen acquired
during 25 years experience supporting A-list executives in commercial real estate, transportation, and media. Driven to share her knowledge and
experience, Tamara has held numerous teaching positions, and mentors many of Canada’s emerging media minds.

TAMARA is Be-Communications creative lead and administration executive overseeing creation, distribution, marketing, finance and administration. On occasion she enjoys screen
time having recently made her feature film debut as “Leanne” in Prowler Films “Firecrackers” at the Toronto International Film Festival 2018.
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Kevin LeClair
A master visual artist, KEVIN’s skillset is enhanced by 20 plus years brand management and marketing research experience serving blue chip brands.
Kevin is a consummate technologist with multiple successful enterprise implementations to his credit.

As Be-Communications technical guru, KEVIN is responsible for overseeing IDM development, executing technical production, implementation, and research.

Mr. LeClair is a wizard of the arts practiced in the dark, editing and compiling elements into experiences for Be-Communications audiences and clients to inhabit and enjoy.