Showcase ApocryphA
Showcase ApocryphA

Showcase ApocryphA

Every Man has a mistress…
Christ the King… MEET YOUR QUEEN.

Historical Drama 
3 Seasons x 13 episodes (60 mins) (39 ep. total)
*contains strong sexual content, gore, and adult themes.


Inspired by the books that didn’t make it into the Bible, ApocryphA presents the truth traditional “Rome” doesn’t want you to know, from the perspective of the woman who wrote it first: a woman history mistook for a prostitute. From the crumbling pages of ancient scrolls emerges the buried story of the Matriarch of the Christian movement.

Awakening in a tomb, a man finds himself alone and disoriented, haunted by the fresh images of his brutal crucifixion.  As his senses return he struggles to understand who and what he was in life.  He stumbles out of his tomb into a garden, where he is recognized by a grieving woman.  

In this moment of cognition, his awareness is hurtled through a stream of consciousness exploring the biblical moments that created his everlasting legacy, and the untold journey that led him to Believe. 

Apocrypha tells the story of how one woman influenced the fate of man; the woman who inspired the “Christ” movement, the most beloved apostle of all.  
The first witness, Mary Magdalene.