The Be-Log

Welcome to the new world of reality publishing!

The Be Log ™ is a weekly publication distributed via insert through local community newspapers, as well as drop off the local coffee shops.  We intend on launching in the Beaches community of Toronto first, and expanding to include all of the GTA as readership rises.  We have chosen the Beaches community for it’s smaller community feel in Toronto, as well as it’s concentration of coffee shops and other establishments which promote readership of this type of publication (Kevin, help me out here, what kinda publication is this?)

The publication contains blogs from writers of all walks of life recounting their everyday happenings.  The allure of this type of publication becomes the interest of the reader in the lives of the writers, much like a tabloid, but with a realistic approach.  The writers are the very people in YOUR neighborhood.  Their problems are your problems, their triumphs are your triumphs.

The Be Log’s mandate is simply to bring everyday people together in touch with the one banner that we all wear, our humanity.

Our Product

Our main product offering to our audience, is blog.  Blog is a short form for the word “web log” an online diary offering readers intimate insights into the mind and experiences of our writers.  Our writers have among them many years of blog experience, and have tested well for entertainment and information value on market testing exercises.  Blogging is currently considered to be the fastest growing segment of the internet right now.  In a May 2nd, 2005 cover article from, entitled “Blogs Will Change Your Business”:


Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later”


We offer our sponsors a cost effective, simple way to harness the power of this valuable tool.  Who better to spread word of mouth than your already loyal customers?  And what better way to spend your advertising dollars than on the only method of advertising that is proven to work?