I have just returned from a trip to Los Angeles, where we were chosen to present our concept at the Digital Media Summit (http://www.ihollywoodforum.com/dms2006.htm).

The feedback from the conference was amazing, especially that we were able to premiere our first episode of our webcast, Ante-Rockstar (www.phyte.ca/ante-rockstar). The audience feedback was extremely positive, considering that we address the main issue with user generated content, feasibility of a business model.

Current user generated content is unusable to national advertisers because of its short and amateur format. Our production standards, as well as the mainstream format of our content makes it an attractive and exciting new vehicle for advertisers to reach the ever elusive 19-34 year old market. The timing of our arrival in this quickly evolving marketplace is perfect.






What happens when you drop everything to chase your dreams?  Feathers Fly.

Unscripted Musical Docu-Drama.

A smalltown mom boldly turns the camera on herself in pursuit of her dreams.  Life quickly turns into a “real time” nightmare of poverty, betrayal and kidnapping.  Homeless and defeated, she overcomes the ultimate assault to create a series like no one has ever seen before. 

4×30 min episodes;VIEW SERIES TRAILER


If you knew that pursuing your highest aspirations would test the limits of everything you were taught to believe; would you have the courage to take up the chase anyways?

Tammie is an average woman from a small town who has no idea that when she answers the call to audition for a rock star reality series, everything she knows and loves will be put at stake to create a series that will reshape her concept of reality… and teach her to sing.

The camera rolls without cutting anything out as this seemingly disempowered woman conquers devastating circumstances, and her deepest fears, to stand on her feet and be a rock star in real life.


Season 2 (13 x 30 mins) VIEW TRAILERS / EPISODES



Season 3 (13 x 30 mins) (avail. Q4 ‘16)

Season 4 (13 x 30 mins) (in photography)



Anterockstar has a complement of derivative content on social media and www.anterockstar.com. 

Anterockstar is a Be-Communications production (www.be-communications.com)

Anterockstar is 100% Canadian Content.