This document outlines details of Socan’s proposed participation in the development of the collaborative web platform, solicits its participation in projects already in progress on the platform, and proposes collaborative communications projects to be initiated and managed on the platform.

Socans participation in the development of this collaborative community will advance SOCANs interests as well as that of the community of to achieve better return on investments of time, and other resources for all contributors.

This program provides these stakeholders with tools and strategies to increase the quality of communications, improving their relationships, therefore improving the efficiency of procedures, reporting, analysis and decision making.

We will demonstrate a clear understanding of the challenges faced by Socan, its members, clients, as well as insights into currently underserved segments (non-members and New Media Artists), as well as the climate in which these parties operate.

Purpose and Objectives 

As artists, our purpose is to explore our world and condition, document our experiences, and communicate our observations in our chosen medium, at a standard that illustrates the value of these experiences.

As artists our objective is to enhance our understanding of our world and condition, thereby enhancing our experience.

As business people it is our purpose to nurture and exploit this resource with the objective of achieving and sustaining economic gain.