Oshawa Rocks Festival

taking place September 14th, and 15th, at venues in and around Oshawa, including the GM Centre.  Ticket sales begin on June 1, 2007.

On September 14th an 15th, 2007, Oshawa, Ontario will play host to over 5000 Rock’n’roll fans, witnessing the fusion of worlds, and feed the hungry.

Bringing independent and mainstream talent together to perform and learn, Oshawa Rocks promotes cooperation between musicians, creating a platform to share both the spotlight, and information.

Workshops with leading industry professionals will provide aspiring and established acts with creative ideas to produce, promote, and sell their music.



Show profits will benefit a designated charity, highlighting the need for community involvement within the music industry.

This event is offered in cooperation with Paragon Entertainment, SOCAN, and The GM Centre.

Further information regarding the content and composition of Anterockstar, and Oshawa Rocks can be found www.be-communications.com/ARproposalintro.html.

Our rate card for the series and festival are included in the promotional materials, and can be accessed here.