March 16, 2012 at 11:07 AM

A piece We call AAA.
Our latest, and what I consider one of our best pieces yet.

Commissioned by The Aids Committee of Durham Region for presentation at their annual conference inaugural dinner, which happened last night, and we are proud to share both them, and our work, with you.

This video is a collaboration which took just over a month to produce, from commission to presentation.  Three weeks of pre-production research and creative conception, principal photography was completed in three shoots spread over two weeks, and just about 56 hours in post.  It premiered last night to a room with just over 100 people in it, after dinner, and before the keynote speeches.

This video represents much more than our own labour.  Our associate producers, ACDR, took a great risk in pursuing this project.  Video is not widely used in their arena, it is an arena that is hypercharged with stigma, a hotbed of controversy.  They entrusted us to deliver their message in a way that conveyed the importance and magnitude of their work, not only for their clients, but for the population at large, which is, lets face it, at risk.  While the statistics favor one group over another with the fashion, at the end of the day, if you are sexually active on this planet (or sharing sharps), wether you are male or female, black, white or yellow, live here, there, or anywhere, you are at risk for HIV.

Which is why we chose to include the camera as a character, and make it the HIV patient.  The breathing, the tinnitis, the tunnel vision… these are all common things humans experience when undergoing circumstances they hoped never to contemplate.

we owe deep gratitude to the folks at Lakeridge Health, RN Tobin Brown, and Dr. Daniel Radcliffe, for their participation in this video.  Capturing the reality of this situation so accurately never would have happened without their immense compassion and wisdom, and their openness to sharing the intricacies (and intimacies) of the work that they do.

we are also deeply thankful to the folks at ACDR who shared themselves with me, and most of all, who made me feel a part of their family.  This work was completed on a volunteer basis,

because we believe in their cause, and the work that they do, and how they do it.  We are proud to produce this piece on their behalf because they are.  During the screening, while most of the room was still, two of their staff came up to me as I stood alone at the back of the room, and hugged me. (One of whom I’d only been introduced to earlier that afternoon!).  As they stood with me taking it in, yet another sought me out, and gave me a thumbs up.  Even my most tentative subject was tickled with the results.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

we hope you take it’s message to heart, and share it with someone YOU care about too.