June 9, 2012 at 12:26 PM

Be-Communications had the great pleasure of sponsoring the 2nd Annual “Stilettos for The Cure” event hosted by Tina Deszi and Tamara McKee.

The event was held last night in Sikorski Hall, where over 500 people, mostly women, a few brave men, dressed to the nines, celebrated life, and a passion for fashion, showmanship, and shoes that left more than one man’s wallet a few tenty’s lighter.  Every element of this event created and contributed to the atmosphere, a cabaret, an experience in a time when men were men, and women were women, and you could tell the difference.  From wise guys guarding the entrance, your walk past the papparazzi on the pink carpet (greeted by larger than life Joan Rivers as played by the glittering Savanaugh Davenport, the night’s MC), your drink poured (courtesy Hypnotik), to your personal reception by the event creators, and mistresses of ceremony, Tina and Tamara.  (Attired in full formal cabaret garb, creations by Pretty Underneath).

The hall itself, decked in crystal from the chadeliers to the tabletops scintillated from stage to floor.  Each guest had the pleasure of entering a place specifically designed to cater to their senses, colors textures, and tastes, sounds, smells. Simple, elegant opulent.  The evening’s decorator (Just for you Weddings & Events) spared no measure in creating an environment befitting the grandure of these two lady’s imaginations.

The event, founded in 2011 by this inexaustible duo, raises funds for the Heather Griffith Breast Assessment Centre, as well as the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness.  The audience had the great pleasure of hearing from some wonderful speakers on behalf of these causes, as well as Ms. Griffith herself.  Sharing the impact of these two phenomena (breast cancer, and abuse) with the audience, these ladies set the foundational tone for the auction action to follow.

I could wax on further about the impact of this event, her number of supporters, and the incredible amount of money, awareness, and spirit that was raised last night, but that would ruin the two video projects we’re committed to delivering, and some things are worth waiting for.

For those of you who missed this years, I hope you join me in anticipation for the next 12 months as we now anxiously await Stilletos 2013.