We’re back to working on our own account again, and this morning we uploaded the collected logos we’ve used over the years, in honor of our recent rebrand and relaunch of www.be-communications.com.

I found it most interesting to see the evolution of it, from the styling, to the slogan.  We started out in 2005 with “creating the buzz” and only recently changed it to “we are what we speak”.  Over the course of our existence, I can with the utmost veracity say, we lived up to our slogans.  When the 3Tards chose us to throw their farewell show to Oshawa, they helped us prove it, mostly to ourselves.

Our new slogan, Nos es quis nos narro, isn’t one I need to worry about keeping.  Although we have not achieved the success and recognition we would have liked along the way of our journey, we most certainly have developed a sense of our own abilities, and although I can’t measure our efforts in dollars, I feel worth my weight in gold.  THAT is success in my mind… and as we all know…  in my mind, my mind is the only mind that matters.


Our latest logo. Our slogan “We are what we speak”
2nd rendition, showing some morphing
Logo and Slogan, from 2005. “Creating the Buzz” or “Partum Susurro”