May 31, 2012 at 9:43 AM

We’re always pleased to have the opportunity to document unique experiences, and on May5th, 2012, were by chance invited to participate in a spiritual  healing workshop entitled Abundance.  This chance invitation came by way of another chance encounter, that came by way of yet another…. and I’m not sure how far back I could go to trace the origins of the moment in which I participated in this event.

Going from filming in a moshpit to a sanctuary is a  bit of a cultural shift.  Going from filming everything at once, to focusing on one point of light, and it is always difficult for me to release myself into an experience if I am the one documenting it, it is my job to observe in that instance, not participate.

What I observed was a feeling, and I consider this piece an extension of that feeling which I can only hope will reach beyond the walls in which is was recited, and resonate within those who watch the film.