November 15, 2011 at 6:18 PM

SEO is a numbers game, just like the rackets the mobsters used to play in the streets.  You take a bet on what terms “numbers” will be popular on any given day.  The problem  being, moving yourself up in the results is sometimes a matter of repeating yourself, or getting others to repeat your name for you.  As well as you do at this, if you are in a category where your terms are swimming with competition, it becomes very difficult to distinguish yourself from anybody else.

In my mind, the key to being no. 1 in your search category, is to be the only user of a term.  Anterockstar for example… any search result is about me, whether or not it was created by me, and since I created the term, I can also now see how much it has grown as a repeated term over the course of its lifetime.

Anterockstar currently returns nearly 50 pages of search results, and my site is at the top, without ANY SEO installed.