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Unscripted Drama Series
Tammie is an average woman from a small town who has no idea that when she answers the call to audition for a rock star reality series, everything she knows and loves will be put at stake to find her voice and create a series that will reshape her concept of reality… all while learning to sing. More Info


Unscripted Documentary

The story of one woman leading four punk bands into the heart of a suburban city, shattering a thousand stigmas in one action packed, fun filled, riotous rainy afternoon in beautiful downtown Oshawa, Ontario.What happens next is almost impossible to imagine. More Info


Scripted Drama Series

Awakening in a sealed tomb, a man regains consciousness to recall the events leading up to his crucifixion.  He reveals to us the life of a man named Jesus; a man desperately in love who struggles to overcome his passionate desire to live so he can willfully submit to his unnatural death.  A man whose legacy rests on the shoulders of a woman history mistook for a man. More Info


Alternate Reality Game

2Q is to question; a multi-media game where players are engaged in a quest to define reality. 2Q uses
the answers it finds as building blocks to construct a model of alternate reality. 2Q unfolds on like magic in front of a live social media audience.More Info