Showcase 2KYU
Showcase 2KYU

Showcase 2KYU

What is reality?
2Q is an Alternate Reality Game proposing an experiment where players are challenged to affect a predicated future. 2Q is a web 5.0 transmedia project, testing the proposition that the future is impacted by our perception of the past. 2Q interacts with audiences on an emotional
level, and responds intelligently, in an intuitive; evolutive way.
Subscribers are enticed by TheStoryYouKnow to become players “unwriting” 2000 years of history. When they encounter a mysterious hacker who suggests what they see is not what it appears to be; the experiment begins…

Is 2Q real?
2Q re-contextualizes religion within history, presenting the relatively obscure gnostic apocryphal perspective in the light of the widely known canonical; in an attempt to reconcile science and spiritualism, and realize the deeper truth within the historical Biblical story. The 2Q storyline
was conceived in response to insatiable human need to validate our existence by quantifying our experience, and an equally insatiable market hunger for biblical content.

Appearing in multiple formats and platforms, real and virtual, audiences watch alternate reality unfold on www.2KYU.com as 2Q directs players through a productive workflow; collecting psychographic data on both user groups’ actions/reactions/interactions at each level.

www.2KYU.com cultivates and sustains community, drives IP production within the community, and collects data on user/user pool behavioral patterns and integrity when faced with challenges.

2Q data is collected for learning purposes, with the intent to create a blind, measurable,predictive, intergenerationally comparative model of human psychosocial behavior.

The potential applications for artificial emotional intelligence are immense and innumerable.