Showcase AnteRockstar
Showcase AnteRockstar

Showcase AnteRockstar

44×33 min episodes; Unscripted Drama.

When a 33 year old smalltown suburban housewife and mom of four turns the camera on herself to pursue her “rock star” tinseltown dreams; life turns into a “real time” living nightmare… and the world’s first unscripted Rock Opera.

SYNOPSIS If you knew that pursuing your highest aspirations would cost your livelihood, your home, everything you own, your relationship with your parents and siblings, your inheritance, custody of your children, your reputation, your self-identity and your sanity… would you have the courage to take up the pursuit anyways?

Tammie is an average woman from a small town who has no idea that when she answers the call to audition for a rock star reality series, everything she knows and loves will be put at stake to create a series that will reshape her concept of reality… and teach her to sing.

From the moment Anterockstar was first pitched from a podium in Los Angeles on June 6th 2006, it was off-key. Glib confessions of family secrets land Tammie in hot water that boils over into the production team. After only two episodes, Anterockstar is abandoned by its entire production team, and Tammie loses her support system. With nothing left to lose, the show must go on.

The camera rolls without cutting anything out as this seemingly disempowered woman conquers devastating circumstances, and her deepest fears, to stand on her feet and be a rock star in real life.

AVAILABLE 44×30 mins episodes/4 seasons Season 1 (5 x 30 mins)