B e-Communications (BEC) will be a privately held incorporated entity operating in the communications industry.

focusing on the following areas:

  • Publishing
  • Advertising Sales
  • Marketing Research and Consulting
  • Media content production (planned)

Vision and Strategy

At its core, we intend on forming an entirely self directing corporation which takes the initiatives that are important to its stakeholders; clients, employees, and shareholders, and innovatively create products which serve to further the goals of these stakeholders.

In formulating our vision and strategy, our focus remained heavily on utilizing time proven successful business practices, with visionary ideas, to bring our investors, customers, and employees, an opportunity which is significantly different, and exciting.  In an effort to truly carry out our vision, we have researched and incorporated current best practices adopted widely in the corporate arena, while maintaining our objective point of view that the best practices of tomorrow may not be the same as those of today.

We will position ourselves in our chosen market as leaders through the effective and innovative use of existing media formats.  In our presentation, we showed you why we consider ourselves the next evolutionary step in the arena of communications.  In this document, we will show you how.

Much like television revolutionized the communications field, BEC will combine the strengths of all media platforms to achieve an impact greater than any of these mediums is capable of achieving on its own.

Our Mission Statement

To create high caliber, quality programs and services, serving both consumers and advertisers, through the innovative combination of separate media vehicles with the intention of producing a marketplace where transactions become more meaningful for all participants.

Launch Products and Intended Direction


The launch products outlined below are our starting point for year one.  We intend to expand these product lines by expanding our market to include a second major metropolitan area in year two, and a total of five in year three.  These products are complete in their design, and set to launch on September 2nd, 2005.

We have several complimentary product lines currently in the advanced stages of development; however these are not planned until years four and five.  These include a young adult edition of The Be-Log™, as well as further complimentary media production initiatives.  An overview of these initiatives is offered in this document; however these are not included in our financial projections, as they are not planned until after year three.