B e Communications brings Media back to reality, via an innovative platform….

PHYTE Magazine and Internet Broadcast channel

A Content driven website profiling locally produced weblogs, webcasts, photography, art, and music under one distribution channel.

A new Medium that gives something back to the consumers, Entertainment , Food for the soul and the senses…

PHYTE Magazine will feature a plethora of Products like

Ante-Rock star: A Web cast reality series transforming a 34 year old office manager, wife, and mother of four, into her own version of a rock star

K-Space: The story of an up and coming author as he pursues the publishing of his first novel.

ByA7: the chronicles of an artist struggling to balance the love of art and the pressures of real world living.

Oh Well, Whatever Nevermind : On-line Novel following the lives of six college students in the early nineties.

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities in PHYTE Magazine Features , bring Advertiser and Consumer together on a level playing field, promoting interactivity through Feedback driven forums.

Bringing local and national advertisers together , using weblogs, webcasts, photography, art, and music to highlight the products’ contribution.

This concludes the presentation.

The opportunity – Honesty in Advertising

The advertiser pays a subscription fee (based on material produced) for private access to spontaneously produced creative material for use in their advertising campaigns.

This material is gathered from a pool of select individuals, whose integrity and creative appeal have been rigorously tested, using months of research by our executive team. Our executives have invested the time and effort to develop personal relationships with their team, in an effort to assure their integrity.

Should the advertiser wish to purchase the rights to material produced on their behalf for use in campaigns outside B e-Communications properties, supplementary fees will apply based on negotiated terms.