Shwatarded the Rockumentary

Shwatarded the Rockumentary
Shwatarded the Rockumentary

Shwatarded the Rockumentary

Indie Rockudrama Punks TIFF

OSHAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Sept. 15, 2009) – Shwatarded is a reality film experience premiering Friday September 18th, 2009 at 7PM at Bloor Cinemas, and simultaneously worldwide at

Premiering on the last Friday of TIFF, and filmed during a breast cancer fundraiser shut down by a fleet of police this summer, Shwatarded retells the antics unfolding live on handheld cameras as these punk rock undergods attempt the improbable. The story of one woman leading four punk bands into the heart of a suburban city, shattering a thousand stigmas in one action packed, fun filled, riotous rainy afternoon in beautiful downtown Oshawa, Ontario.

What happens next is almost impossible to imagine.

Introducing Tamara Morahan, and starring the kings of Toronto Punk, The 3Tards, and the hardest working band in Rock’n’Roll, The Groopies. Featuring appearances by Canadian Conservative MP Colin Carrie, Oshawa City Councilors April Cullen, and Tito Dante Marimpietri, Shwatarded is a politically charged musical documentary piece that bridges the gap between punk and politician, and promises to change the world around it.

SHWATARDED is a first feature production for Morahan and her creative partner Kevin LeClair, as well as a first in filmmaking. Shwatarded was shot by independent artists, entirely improvised, using contributed resources and materials, produced and premiered in under three months. No public sponsor or government funding was provided for the production or promotion of Shwatarded. Shwatarded marries media of all forms simultaneously on three different platforms (movie screen, internet, and live) to produce an immersive experience for its audience.


Shwatarded is a unique media product.  Conceived for the purposes of fundraising for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Shwatarded is an ongoing story, involving parties from all walks of life, working together to achieve common goals.  Much like the efforts of the CBCF in bringing about a tomorrow without cancer, Shwatarded aims to document and advance the ideals of collaboration, trust, and respect within our society.

Participation in Shwatarded allows collaborators, and contributors the unique opportunity to impact and apply this vehicle to affect significant change within their own spheres of influence, as well as their community, creating a truly organic work of art.

Bringing Shwatarded to Cannes allows us access to a broad international audience, deepening the impact of our work on both our beneficiary, as well as our collaborators.


Preview Screenings

“Riding the Horseshoe to Cannes”

Locally sponsored small gala presentations of evolving working copies of Shwatarded to be presented to select and limited audiences in the Golden Horseshoe (100 guests, $100/ticket) for the benefit of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  Events to be held monthly beginning in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) till announcements for Cannes in April.

Pre-screening entertainment will include live performance and acoustic music by indie artists from Shwatarded.  Attendees will be able to interact with people involved from the movie, as well as purchase merch from the day of, and bid on online auctions, to benefit the CBCF.

Audience members will be solicited to encourage donations to our campaign to raise a million for Breast Cancer online, and have the opportunity to have their name listed in the credits in the final cut as donors, and contributors to the first truly people produced feature film.
All online marketing includes regularly updated video segments and promotional blogs.